The Northeast Ohio Pyrotechnics Group is always pleased to welcome new members.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • The opportunity to learn and work alongside licensed Ohio Fireworks Exhibitors.

  • Participation in training and safety courses conducted by industry experts.

  • At least 10 private and public shows per year (usually more).

  • Annual club meeting and winter party.

  • Special pricing and discounts from vendors.

  • We shoot fireworks LEGALLY in the State of Ohio.


  • Full Membership: $100 annually

  • Prorated dues will follow the following schedule for new members only:

    • April 1st - July 31st: 100% of yearly dues

    • August 1st- March 31st: 50% of yearly dues

  • Immediate family members with voting rights: $25 annually

  • Immediate family members without voting rights: Free

  • Note: If you are not a licensed exhibitor, a $25 annual assistant license fee will be owed to a licensed exhibitor which then is paid directly to the State Fire Marshal.

Interested in joining?

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